Tanning Tips

Tanning Tips

Tip 1 – Apply SPF to your lips We recommend that clients use a SPF lip balm prior to tanning sessions to prevent potential dryness and protect lips.

Tip 2 – Remove makeup Many make-up products contain SPF ingredients, which will prevent an even and natural-looking tan.

Tip 3 – Apply accelerant lotion Keeping skin moist is essential to the production and maintenance of your tan. Indoor tanning lotions will give you faster results and deeper, darker, long-lasting color.

Tip 4 – Protect sensitive areas Some parts of our body receive less exposure to sunlight than others. For the first few sessions, we recommend keeping these areas covered, until you reach that desirable base tan.

Tip 5 – Use eyewear Sinful Tans provides clients with FDA certified eyewear to prevent any UV light damage to the eyes.

Tip 6 – Tan smart UV damage slows the tanning process and has no effect on the development of your tan. Sinful Tans consultants are Smart Tan certified and will recommend the appropriate tanning time for your skin type.

Tip 7 – Apply moisturizer We recommend using an after-tan moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and extend the life of your tan. Ask an Sinful Tan consultant for more information on the best products for your skin.

Tip 8 – Avoid overexposure Refrain from spending any extended amount of time in the sun after sessions. A UV session is comparable to spending a day in the sun; therefore it’s important to plan your outdoor plans accordingly. We recommend taking a 48-hour break between your tanning sessions. The use of higher level equipment will help you maintain your tan in only 1 to 2 sessions every 7 to 10 days.
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