Tanning FAQs

Tanning FAQs

Is it safer to tan inside or outside? Indoor tanning provides a controlled environment which can help prevent overexposure. Indoor tanning allows you to know exactly what rays you are being exposed to, and for how long. The amount of exposure in outdoor tanning cannot be controlled, which can therefore lead to unpredictable results. Your UV exposure varies from hour to hour, day to day, and depends on the weather, altitude, smog, and other immeasurable factors.

Is UV light harmful? Too much sun and/or sun burn is bad for you. Moderate exposure to sunlight is the body’s natural SPF and will lower your chances of sun burn. Indoor tanning is in a controlled environment where you can maintain a base tan without overexposure to too much UVA/UVB.

Which one is better for me, UVA or UVB? UVA and UVB rays have different functions. UVB helps produce melanin and UVA bronzes the melanin. You need both UVA and UVB to tan.

Should I use a tanning lotion? Your body naturally tries to block out UV light to protect you from burning. If you were to tan without lotion your body would start blocking the light in a few minutes. When you use a lotion, you’re allowing the UV rays to be absorbed quicker, enabling your body to tan a little longer. Lotions help keep your skin moisturized and feeling silky smooth. Also, when you are directly exposed to UV light, you may lose essential vitamins that keep your skin healthy. Lotions help to put those vitamins back into your skin for a beautiful, long-lasting and healthy tan!

Do I have to be a certain age to tan? If you are 16 years old or younger you cannot tan in a tanning salon. If you are 17 years old you can tan with your parent’s or guardian’s consent during your first visit. Don’t worry if you are under 17, we still offer a very natural looking UV Free Tan.

Can I tan if I am pregnant? Doctors suggest that pregnant women don’t tan because they don’t want your body temperature to increase, as it can in some tanning beds. We suggest tanning in an air conditioned unit to avoid over-heating. If you are pregnant, you should always consult with your physician before any tanning.

How quickly can I get a tan? How fast you tan really depends on your skin type. Every skin type can benefit from using tanning lotions and will accelerate and lead to long-lasting results!

Why is Bronzer Solution different? Bronzer solutions have a cosmetic tint to give you immediate color while your tan fully develops. The bronzer part wears off while the rest of your tan remains.
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